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The Most Common Causes of Divorce in San Diego

Divorce is a highly personal and subjective decision. In San Diego, a couple can get divorced for any reason by citing “irreconcilable differences” in the divorce petition. In many cases, a couple does not only divorce for one reason but a combination of issues that ultimately lead to a breakdown of the marriage.


While most relationships have their ups and downs, constant conflict or the feeling of battling your spouse too often can lead to the decision to part ways. Too many arguments can turn what should be a calm and safe space – your home – into a battlefield. This lifestyle can be mentally and emotionally draining. If couples counseling and conflict resolution methods do not work to stop the persistent arguing, the relationship may not be able to continue.


An extramarital affair can irrevocably break the trust in a relationship, leaving no option but to get divorced. If one spouse is not fully committed to the other, he or she may seek companionship elsewhere. This often leads to the end of a marriage, as infidelity destroys the trust in a relationship and can cause severe emotional pain.


Always feeling like you are misunderstood by your spouse or cannot properly communicate your feelings and emotions can eventually wear you down enough to lead to a divorce. Couples who cannot communicate well will have trouble resolving issues and arguments. Problems that good communication could solve may instead grow and fester until they become overwhelming and unsurmountable.


Money problems, especially if finances are tight in the household, are one of the most common reasons for married couples to fight and get divorced. Financial problems can place a great amount of stress on both spouses, leading to short tempers and arguments. These issues can be amplified if the couple has children to take care of. If the couple cannot work together in financial planning initiatives, the relationship could ultimately end in divorce. If you are having issues regarding finances when going through a divorce, contact our family lawyers in San Diego to learn about your options.


Addiction, such as alcoholism, substance abuse or a gambling problem, can tear a couple apart if the spouse with the problem does not seek help or make an effort to control his or her habit. While the other spouse may be supportive of recovery efforts, if the spouse with the addiction is not willing to seek help or get better, the only option may be divorce or separation.

Domestic Violence

Verbal, physical, emotional, financial or sexual abuse by one partner can make it impossible for the victim to remain in a marriage. While it may be exceedingly difficult and take a long time for the victim to leave, this is typically the end result in an abusive marriage. If one spouse maintains power through a pattern of abusive behavior, the victim can get help through various resources to escape, obtain a restraining order and get divorced.


Some couples simply find out that they are not as compatible as they initially thought. Over time, people change and may grow apart. For some couples, the physical or sexual aspects of the marriage may fizzle out. In other cases, having kids changes the relationship; for example, the couple may not agree on principles or values when raising their children. In the end, a lack of compatibility can be enough for both spouses to seek a connection elsewhere.

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