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Family matters are often emotional and intense. Families going through a legal separation, or adoption, have issues pertaining to child support or visitation, or need a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement may find the emotional intensity of mixing the legal with personal aspects of life to be overwhelming. If your family is facing a legal situation that must be resolved within the legal system, you will need to have a compassionate San Diego family lawyer who will handle the matter with discretion, tact, and dedication to your interests and the interests of your children, if you are a parent.

Your San Diego family lawyer should have a finely-tuned knowledge of California law, along with an understanding of how families work and the potential consequences of the legal process and its outcome on the individual members of your family. Your family attorney in San Diego, CA should seek to balance the emotional, psychological, and financial aspects of the matter facing your family to achieve a solution that works in your unique situation. Above all, the family law attorney you choose should be someone you trust and to whom you feel comfortable speaking to openly. Contact the San Diego family law attorneys at Boyd Law.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Certified Family Law Specialists (CFLS). Our lead attorney, Karie Boyd, has undergone additional training and education to obtain her board certification in family law. 
  • The reputation of excellence. Karie was recently ranked by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel in the “Top 1% of Attorneys in the Nation.”
  • Decades of combined legal experience. Karie and her esteemed associates are some of the most experienced and successful attorneys in California. 
  • Skill and training. We have the ability to tackle complex family law issues and overcome challenges in an increasingly complex world. We have what it takes to help you with any family law issue.

How Does a San Diego Family Law Attorney Help?

The San Diego family lawyers at Boyd Law have a reputation as skilled negotiators and formidable litigators. As attorneys, we are, first and foremost, dedicated to our clients. In everything that we do, we put our clients first. We are in the field of family law for the people, not for profits. When we accept a new client, we take our time to get to know them and consult with them about their goals for the case. Then, we custom-tailor our legal services to pursue these goals. Our legal services in the area of family law include:

  • Consultations. Our family law attorneys in San Diego are available for in-depth initial case evaluations, where we will listen to your story and provide a list of your legal options. We offer these evaluations at no obligation to hire our law firm afterward. We simply want to give you the information that you need.
  • Claims filing. If you need to submit legal paperwork with the family courts, such as a divorce petition, protective order or a request for the modification of child custody, we will fill out complicated legal documents for you and file them with the correct courts before any applicable deadlines.
  • Settlement negotiations. We offer a range of options for negotiating family law settlements between parties, including private mediation and arbitration. We can represent you during these alternative dispute resolutions to improve the odds of settling and avoiding an expensive court trial.
  • Trial litigation. If your family law matter cannot be resolved through alternative dispute resolution options, we can represent you at trial in San Diego County to fight aggressively for the best possible case results on your behalf.
  • Compassionate counseling. We are compassionate attorneys who help individuals and families get through difficult times. We understand that our work often coincides with dark days for our clients; we do everything possible to get our clients the case outcomes they want so that they can focus on building brighter futures.

Our law firm takes on only a select number of cases at a time. We are not a mill-type law firm that is concerned with accepting as many cases as possible. Instead, while we are a large firm with cutting-edge resources, we are selective in the cases we accept so that we can dedicate our full attention to each individual. This allows us to provide an exceptional level of service, respect, and professionalism to every client – and it often enables us to obtain better case results.

HOW CAN AN EXPERIENCED San Diego Family Attorney HELP?

During a family legal matter, experienced legal counsel in your corner can make a large difference. Not all cases move to the court phase, but in the event that litigation is required, our attorneys have the experience necessary to navigate the case from the first phase to the court phase. Boyd Law San Diego is a law firm composed of Certified Family Law Specialists (CFLS). These family law attorneys possess special certificates that identify the attorneys that specialize in family law services. In the event of a separation, couples that do not utilize legal counsel from family law attorneys may, unbeknownst to them, make mistakes. Our experienced family lawyers in San Diego assist with every aspect of family law cases while providing valuable legal advice. We are here to assist and will file the required paperwork by the necessary deadline.

What Are Different Types of Family Law Cases Our Firm Handles?      

The practice area of family law deals with issues relating to familial relationships – relationships between romantic partners, married spouses, family members, and parents and children. Family law involves domestic relations as they pertain to legal issues, including California law and child welfare. At Boyd Law, our attorneys have spent years being educated and trained specifically in the practice area of family law. We have the ability to handle many different types of family law cases in San Diego, including:

If you don’t see your legal matter on this list, that does not necessarily mean that we cannot take your case. Our highly experienced San Diego family law attorneys know how to handle many kinds of cases, including complicated legal matters and cases that other law firms turn down. We can discuss your specific situation during an initial consultation at our local law office. If we believe we are the right fit for your case, we will offer our services to help you come to a satisfactory resolution. If not, we will direct you to someone who can help.

What Are the Benefits of Working With a Certified Family Law Specialist?

Finding the right attorney for your family law case is a delicate matter that deserves considerable time, research and attention. This is a selective process, but it is important to put in the work so that you can feel confident that you have chosen the ideal attorney for your case. Choosing a California Certified Family Law Specialist can help ensure that your lawyer has what it takes to successfully handle your case, no matter what obstacles arise.

A CFLS will give you an extra boost of confidence in your choice of a San Diego family law attorney. A CFLS is an attorney who has been certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization or an equivalent entity in family law. To do this, the attorney must demonstrate special proficiency in family law by gaining additional education and experience in this field. The attorney must also pass a written and verbal examination to become certified. All of this means that a CFLS has extra capabilities to effectively handle your case.

A CFLS can bring many benefits to your family law case in San Diego. The assistance of an extremely qualified lawyer can help you see solutions that you may not have otherwise considered. A CFLS will provide the highest customer service standards throughout your legal matter, giving you greater peace of mind. The exceptional training and additional experience of a CFLS can also yield better case results than an ordinary attorney. When results matter – such as in a high-stakes case involving children – choose a CFLS for the added advantages of this specialty.


Our firm’s compassionate and experienced San Diego family law attorneys understand the practical and emotional aspects of a family law process and have many positive client testimonials illustrating the work we do with our clients. We will guide you through the process and provide you with the skilled advocacy that you need to achieve the positive outcome that will allow you to move on to a new life after your case is finalized, with a fair division of property and the best possible arrangement for the continued care of your children, if you are a parent. We can often achieve a negotiated settlement without requiring court intervention. We will strongly advocate for your positions while giving you an honest and realistic legal perspective, along with clear, straightforward answers to all of your questions. When it becomes necessary to turn to the court system to litigate matters that can’t be settled through negotiation, we are experienced San Diego family lawyers that know how to prepare, document, and effectively argue for the outcome you desire.


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Does Boyd Law Offer Alternatives to Litigation & Court Hearings?

Boyd Law offers several family law dispute solutions. Family law attorneys understand how taxing and complex family cases have on the spouses involved. While litigation and court appearances may be inevitable in certain situations to resolve family law matters, our firm offers several alternative resolutions to help settle family law matters. Our family lawyers help with mediation and alternative dispute resolutions. We have members of Boyd Law that are certified as Certified Family Law Specialists (CFLS), and have extensive experience and training in matters pertaining to family law cases.

TALK TO A San Diego Family LAW ATTORNEY- Family Law San Diego

Our law firm has a depth of resources and a large professional staff, which allows a San Diego family law attorney to handle even the most complicated family law issues in-house. This includes issues such as business valuation and complex property division. Handling these issues internally without the need for outside counsel is a crucial component of preserving the privacy of our clients.

We also strive to resolve issues as efficiently as possible by building the strongest possible case and negotiating from a position of strength. This leads to more fruitful settlement negotiations, lessening the likelihood of a contentious trial.

We are here to help. Contact us or call us at (619)-375-1701 to arrange a time to come in and talk to us. It’s a free consultation, and there’s never any pressure or obligation to hire us. Take your time, get to know us, and learn about the many ways we can help you and your family. You can count on our team of family lawyers in San Diego County, CA to provide you with honest advice, heartfelt support, and personalized service throughout the legal process you’re facing. Contact an experienced family law attorney.