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National City Divorce Attorney

National City is the second largest city in San Diego County. It has a population of 60,349 and a population density of 8,291 people per square mile, giving it a population density that is 3,468% higher than the California average and 9,051% higher than the national average. Lower than the California median, the median age of National City residents is 32.5 years old; 49% of the National City population is married.

California Divorce

For a long time, California has had the moniker of the divorce capital of the world. Counties, cities, and towns throughout California struggle with high divorce rates, including National City. If you are going through a divorce in National City, you need an attorney experienced in California divorce law to help you. Contact Boyd Law for more information.

Necessities for Filing in California

Like many states, California law outlines certain requirements for anyone who wants to file for divorce. You or your spouse must have lived in California for at least six months prior to filing. For National City divorces, you or your spouse must have resided in National City for at least the three months directly preceding your petition for divorce.

California law offers spouses two grounds for divorce: insanity or an unsolvable conflict that is ruining their marriage. If one of the spouses was insane at the time of the filing and continues to struggle with insanity throughout the case, the divorce could occur on the grounds of insanity. You can prove insanity by having expert medical and psychiatric professionals testify about your spouse’s mental state.

If you and your spouse meet certain parameters, you may conduct your divorce through a simplified process called summary dissolution. Some of the requirements for a summary dissolution divorce case include a marriage that lasted less than five years, no children, and no interest in real estate for either spouse. The San Diego divorce lawyers at Boyd Law Firm can help ensure that you have all the necessities to file for divorce.

Property Division

Some states divide property depending on numerous factors regarding the marriage and the spouses. California, however, is a community property state. This means the court will split all eligible property equally between the two spouses. The only property that the court will not split is a property that one of the spouses acquired before the marriage, gifts, and inheritances.

California Spousal and Child Support

Spousal support in California is based on certain aspects of each spouse and their marriage. Courts determine spousal support by analyzing each spouse’s financial situation, how they treated each other, the length of the marriage, the health of each spouse, debts, and a variety of other factors. In most situations, spousal support ends when the court order is over or one of the spouses dies or remarries.

The court decides San Diego child support in a very similar way. It looks at the financial situation of each parent, each parent’s health and needs, how many children the parents have, and other relevant aspects.

California Child Custody

One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce case both for the spouses and the court is child custody. The decision is extremely important and could affect the child’s life forever. California courts will give sole custody to one of the spouses or joint custody to each spouse. Courts will assign custody to one or both spouses depending on the financial status, relationship with the child, health, and various other things. The priority for the court when determining child custody is to find an environment most healthy for the child. For questions about child custody, contact a San Diego child custody attorney at Boyd Law.

National City Divorce

There are situations when a marriage is simply no longer working. Divorce may be the only option. If you are facing a divorce in National City and want to keep it as quick and painless as possible, you need an attorney. Contact Boyd Law for determined and experienced help in your National City divorce case.