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Breach of Contract Lawyers in San Diego

Without contracts, business law as we know it would not exist. They are the lifeblood of modern commerce. No matter what business you’re in, you have contracts with everyone from landlords to a host of suppliers to the people who work for you.

Contracts are intended to prevent disputes by clarifying at the very beginning of a business relationship who will do what and in exchange for what. But like everything else in life:

  • Circumstances arise that simply weren’t anticipated when the contract was signed
  • The parties who signed the contract disagree on what some of the language in the agreement means
  • One party simply fails to carry out its obligations under the agreement

Disputes Can Threaten Your Entire Business

Contract disputes can throw your entire business into turmoil. At a minimum, it casts doubt on your ability to continue dealing with the other party to the disputed contract. In the worst case you may lose the ability to operate your business, and that loss can prevent you from fulfilling other contracts. None of that will do much for your business reputation, your peace of mind, or your bank account.

Getting the dispute resolved is the only way to stem the damage, and the sooner you resolve it, the less damage there will be. It helps to have the assistance of attorneys with a history of success in resolving breach of contract issues, like the San Diego breach of contract lawyers at Boyd Law Firm.

Getting the Facts and Information in Order

The first step in getting a handle on the dispute is to sit down and get the facts in order. Even before responding to the dispute, it helps to gather your thoughts by answering the following questions about the contract:

  • How did it come into being?
  • Which party wrote it, or took the primary role in writing it?
  • What was the contract’s original purpose?
  • Have any material circumstances changed since the contract was drafted?
  • What specific actions and circumstances gave rise to the current dispute?
  • What has occurred between the parties since the dispute arose (letters, phone calls, legal proceedings, etc.)?
  • How long did the parties abide by the terms of the contract before the dispute arose?
  •  Do you think the dispute is a genuine disagreement with someone acting in good faith, or is there something else going on?

Alternatives to the Courtroom in California Contract Disputes

It may not seem like it in the heat of the moment, but most contract disputes can be settled without the need for a trial, especially if both parties are interested in preserving the working relationship. The questions you answered above will help you and your attorneys decide which alternatives to court should be explored:

  • Basic discussion and negotiation; many disputes can simply be settled by compromise which leaves both parties somewhat unhappy but with smaller legal fees and a working relationship
  • Mediation by a neutral third party may get the sides to see a conclusion that works well enough for a settlement to occur
  • Arbitration; many times parties who can’t agree on the ultimate question of what the contract requires can still agree that they will both be better off if they agree to submit the dispute to an arbitrator

Get Help

If you think you’ve been injured by someone else’s breach, or are being accused by someone of being in breach, it’s time to seek help. The best way to get the dispute settled quickly and efficiently is to work with a team of experienced attorneys, like those at the Boyd Law Firm in San Diego.

We know what the situation means to you and we know that avoiding court if possible, is the best way to bring the problem to a conclusion. We have a reputation for strong but honest advocacy. We’re often recommended by others. Contact us today to arrange a time for a consultation and give us the details on your situation. Our attorneys have the kind of success that can eliminate stress and give you confidence that your interests are protected.