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Divorce, legal separation, or an annulments are rarely a straightforward or painless process, and law enforcement officers facing a divorce have several additional considerations that traditional divorces do not. San Diego law enforcement officers need to be aware of their rights when a divorce is impending, and understand some of the special factors that are going to affect their legal proceedings and the outcome of the divorce. If you are a law enforcement officer or official in San Diego and are considering filing for a divorce or are already involved in a divorce, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced San Diego law enforcement divorce attorney at Boyd Law for a free initial legal consultation.

There are several myths surrounding law enforcement, particularly when it comes to marital stability and divorce rates. We’ve compiled some information any San Diego law enforcement official will find helpful should an impending divorce suddenly become an issue. Hopefully, the following will clarify any misgivings you may have about divorces among law enforcement officers.

Misconceptions and Special Circumstances

Many people believe the stress of the field makes for higher divorce rates among law enforcement officers. While it’s true their job has unique stressors, including dangerous situations, long hours, and changing shifts, law enforcement divorce rates are actually lower than the national average.

This misconception about the marriages of those involved in law enforcement happens for a few reasons. Law enforcement officers not only risk their lives, they are often involved with unsettling or disturbing scenes that can leave lasting imprints on a person’s memory. This particular stress can mean a challenge to any relationship, but as long as officers take proper steps to address these things, the couple can work through them.

Legally, the marriage of law enforcement officers functions around the same basic principles that guide every other marriage: open and honest communication, willingness to compromise, and love, among other things. What is different for this group is how they manage to balance work and home life, especially considering how this field of work removes them from more typical stressors their spouses might be managing. If they can find and maintain that balance, they can enjoy as happy a marriage as any other couple.

However, the dissolution of a marriage involving law enforcement officers does have some issues related to the field. One such issue is the officer’s pension. In general, the law states the pension someone earns during a marriage is the property of both spouses, but this will still depend on the ruling of a state divorce court. Dividing a pension is very similar to the complex division of assets during a divorce. The state will make the final determination as to how the pension should be split.

Understand Your Rights

Culturally, we sometimes hold law enforcement officers to impossible standards, and these standards can influence divorce proceedings. San Diego law enforcement officers should discuss their divorce cases with a team of San Diego attorneys who understand the delicate situations of those in this field. Securing reliable legal counsel from a San Diego law enforcement divorce lawyer can ensure fair and just outcomes.

A rocky divorce can be a long and drawn out affair for everyone involved. Both sides want it over quickly, but a speedy resolution isn’t often possible. When a San Diego law enforcement officer begins divorce proceedings, securing an certified family law specialist attorney can make the process much less painful, much faster, and eliminate a great deal of uncertainty that may surround the dividing and protection of assets and finalizing the divorce.

Law Enforcement Divorce Lawyer in San Diego, CA

Reach out to Boyd Law if you want an experienced and reliable attorney who has your best interests in mind. Contact our San Diego location at (619) 232-1206 for more information or to schedule your initial case evaluation today. Our compassionate team of SD divorce attorneys have experience handling divorces for law enforcement officials, and we want to help serve those who serve us day to day. Boyd Law offers discounted rates for San Diego law enforcement officers.