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High Profile Divorce in California

California is home to many wealthy and high-profile couples, and as with the general population, they divorce. But high-profile, high-asset divorces are often much more complex than others. Not only do they call for a high level of legal expertise and financial sophistication, but they also require a high level of discretion, as the tabloid media may be unrelenting in their efforts to dig up and often distort or sensationalize sensitive personal information. Contact an experienced San Diego high-net-worth divorce attorney with any legal questions or concerns.

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Protect Your Privacy During Your Divorce

If you find yourself facing a complicated and high-value divorce that is subject to unwanted media attention, you will need to be extremely careful in selecting an attorney who is not only thoroughly experienced in complex divorce situations but also has a network of financial professionals—especially forensic accountants— to assist. Your attorney should also have demonstrated the ability to handle sensitive matters discretely. We have all heard of divorce lawyers who seek out media attention for themselves at the expense of celebrities and other high-profile clients; this is something you undoubtedly wish to avoid. Boyd Law divorce attorneys in San Diego do not worry about media attention while representing you and successfully handling your divorce case.

Discretion is Essential

Divorce is stressful in any case, and when it involves people in the public eye, it can be even more so, as couples wrangle over complex property division, child custody, support payments, and various other matters that all divorcing couples must face. At the Boyd Law Firm in San Diego, our family law attorneys have earned a reputation for handling difficult and complex marriage dissolutions in a low-key, discreet manner, out of view of the media. Although we can’t control the availability of public records, we work diligently to keep your personal information under wraps.

Experience Makes the Difference in Complicated Divorces

Additionally, at the Boyd Law Firm, we have an extensive network of the most respected CPAs, forensic accountants, and financial advisors who assist us in inventorying complex asset and income situations to determine a fair division and appropriate child and spousal support (alimony). In addition, we are able to call upon psychologists when necessary in a contested child custody situation to support your case to retain custody or to obtain an order for a generous visitation arrangement.

What Are Common Issues in High Net Worth Divorces?

A high net worth divorce is different from a typical divorce case. A high net worth couple will have unique issues, goals and challenges associated with their divorce case. With significant marital assets, for example, often come greater property division disputes. If the couple owns assets together, such as a jointly owned business, a divorce could impact business operations. It is important to consider all the issues your high net worth divorce may encounter before you begin the legal process.

  • Prenuptial or postnuptial agreement Many high net worth divorce cases involve prenuptial or postnuptial agreements to protect a spouse’s assets. If a dispute arises, the courts will look at the terms of the prenup/postnup to verify the rules of the agreement.
  • Tax considerations when transferring assets. If a divorce results in you transferring assets, you will need to consider what this will do for your income taxes. For the most part, assets transferred between spouses during a divorce are treated as gifts and are exempt from federal income tax.
  • Calculating spousal support and/or child support Child and spousal support payments can be steep in a high net worth divorce case. The courts in California will assign these amounts using special calculations, along with deciding what is suitable for the situation.
  • Hidden assets or a spouse’s failure to properly disclose assets. Some high net worth divorce cases involve one spouse attempting to hide assets. The spouse may transfer assets to an offshore account or fail to fully disclose his or her income. An investigation may be necessary to discover these discrepancies.
  • Valuation and division of business interests. If the high net worth couple owns a business together, a divorce case will need to take into account a full valuation of what the business is worth. Then, the couple or a judge will need to divide the business interests between each spouse.
  • Determining an accurate value of assets. It is imperative to accurately evaluate the worth of your assets in a high net worth divorce. You may need to hire experts to properly calculate the values of your accounts, properties, real estate, businesses, collectibles and other assets.
  • Marital property division disputes. The division of property is one of the most common disputes in a high net worth divorce case. If you and your spouse cannot agree, the courts in California will divide property down the middle, 50/50, in most cases.

Preparing for these issues ahead of time could allow you to hire the right lawyer for your specific needs. The high net worth divorce lawyers at Boyd Law Firm have experience helping couples with high-dollar assets, businesses and multiple pieces of real property. We have special tools and personnel to conduct tailored evaluations. We can run special evaluations of investments, retirement accounts, high-value assets, business assets and more. We can help you tackle all the issues associated with your unique divorce case in San Diego.

How Can a San Diego High Asset Divorce Lawyer Help?

Hiring the right high net worth divorce lawyer in San Diego can enable you to properly address all the issues you encounter during your split. Your lawyer will ensure the total protection of your rights during the complicated divorce process. This includes limiting the assets you lose to your ex-spouse using aggressive negotiation techniques and employing California’s division rules by law. Furthermore, your divorce lawyer can act as a mediator between you and your ex-spouse. This can improve the odds of successfully resolving issues with your ex-spouse during mediation and avoiding a divorce trial. Mediation is faster, cheaper and more private than a divorce trial. Using a lawyer as a mediator is one of the best ways to achieve a successful high net worth divorce settlement in San Diego.

Special Considerations When High-Profile Couples Divorce

Beyond those the basic issues that all divorcing couples face, if you and/or your spouse are a high net worth couple and have decided to divorce, your financial affairs that need to be resolved are probably drastically more complex than those of the average couple going their separate ways. These may include jointly owned businesses, cross-border assets and offshore bank accounts, retirement funds, investments, stock options, extensive real estate holdings, and many other valuable assets that can be difficult and contentious to resolve. For the most favorable outcome, you will require a family law attorney with a history and track record of successfully and professionally handling high profile and high asset divorces. Talk to an experienced and discreet San Diego divorce attorney today. Contact the Boyd Law Firm for a complimentary consultation and learn how we can help you dissolve your marriage in the least stressful way possible with an eye to meeting your needs and goals. You can always rely on our complete confidentiality and discretion.