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Divorce for Medical Practitioners in San Diego

The medical profession has some of the highest rates of divorce. The stress and strain of the job can lead to issues at home. If you are a medical professional who is facing a divorce, it is important to work with a lawyer who understands your unique needs and can tailor your divorce to meet your goals.

Experienced Representation for Physicians, Surgeons and Doctors in Divorce

Whether you are a surgeon, a psychiatrist, a general practitioner or another type of medical professional, your career will have an impact on how your divorce will be handled. At Boyd Law, in San Diego, our attorneys have the knowledge, resources and skill to effectively and efficiently handle even the most complex issues in your divorce.

Dividing a Medical Practice, Assets and Debts

One of the key issues facing medical professionals in divorce is the division of assets. Any assets and debts that have been acquired during your marriage will be divided in divorce. This includes any business interests you may have such as a medical practice or another professional business.

Assessing, valuing and dividing a business can be complicated. Our attorneys frequently work with real estate appraisers, accountants and business valuation experts in order to ensure our clients receive their fair share of all marital property.

Other Complex Divorce Issues Facing Medical Professionals

Our firm can help you understand how all community property will be handled during your divorce, and we can also assist with:

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