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Executive divorces come with their own set of challenges, which go above and beyond the typical California divorce. High profile business executives, including CEOs of major corporations, typically have substantial income and assets, including complicated compensation packages that include profit-sharing, bonuses, and stock options. The families of these executives have usually become accustomed to a fairly opulent lifestyle, which they will expect to maintain following a divorce. The divorcing spouse of a highly-placed executive will usually seek 50 percent of the assets. This may or may not be appropriate, depending on the type of assets, when and how they were acquired, and the spouse’s level of participation in promoting and supporting the executive’s career. For more information about executive divorces, or for executive divorce legal representation, contact a San Diego executive divorce lawyer, today. Whether you are an executive facing a divorce or the spouse of one, it is important that you have an experienced professional divorce attorney in San Diego that is familiar with high-asset divorces to advise you on how to protect your interests and those of any minor children.

San Diego Executive Divorce Lawyers

These divorce situations can be complicated and demanding, and require the services of various professionals to arrive at an appropriate settlement. The attorneys of San Diego’s Boyd Law Firm have extensive experience representing high-asset clients in Southern California, as well as access to top financial professionals, forensic accountants, and other experts who assist us in handling the most complex matters that you face in your divorce. Not only do we have these extensive resources to put to work for you, we are master negotiators and skilled trial attorneys with a demonstrable record of achieving our divorce clients’ interests, even in the most difficult and contentious situations.

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The process of dissolving an executive, celebrity, or other high profile marriage generally requires experts in these areas:

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This wide range of legal knowledge and experience allows us to anticipate issues that could arise in the course of a divorce and to identify ways to protect the interests of our clients.

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If you are a successful executive who has invested heavily in your career, you will require a thoroughly experienced executive attorney throughout the divorce process to protect the value of that career, which may be your greatest asset.

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The attorneys at San Diego’s Boyd Law Firm are committed to advocating for your professional and personal interests and reputation at every stage of your divorce, with confidentiality and discretion. We understand that you have a great deal at stake, and we are prepared to take every step possible to reduce the stress and worry of a divorce, so you can remain focused on your professional responsibilities. We invite you to take advantage of our free, confidential consultation to learn how we can assist you in achieving your goals in your divorce and marital settlement. Call us today to schedule a meeting with one of our skilled executive divorce attorneys.